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Created by Benjamin Ng in 2010 out of sheer passion, BenAutobahn.com is not your typical automotive website where facts and figures are just thrown at you coupled with some photos and voila! Job done. As a website solely managed by a very small but passionate team, we have no restrictions nor boundaries to adhere to. Just like how German autobahns have no speed limit. We will always include a touch of personal opinion, our two cents worth on every posts we publish.

From the latest car news to media car events we attend, you will be able to read it like how we see it. Read about our honest personal opinions, experiences and insights into the latest car news we post and especially the automotive events we’ve been to. Not to mention exclusive interviews with key automotive figures as well as special behind the scenes into certain automotive events. Our team also believe in presenting our stories with stunning photography to provide our readers with an enjoyable reading experience. We are sure it would be very refreshing and interesting to read your regular car news, reviews and event coverage from a whole new perspective.

Enjoy the ride!

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