About the Team


Benjamin Ng
Having a huge passion for cars since young, Benjamin started learning the German language at the age of 16 hoping to get a chance of studying in car country that is Germany. Just like learning any new languages, it was not all smooth sailing but after over 2 years he finally got the opportunity to study and live in a country he actually wants to study in, and studying something the country is well-known for. And for that, he is extremely grateful.
Being a self-taught photographer and with photographing as one of his favourite hobbies, he took part in many automotive photoshoots because it combines two of his favourite things. Cars and photography. In Germany, Benjamin usually brings along his Sony a77 wherever he goes, not knowing what hidden gems could appear on the autobahns of Germany.
Benjamin is also one of the founders of CARdiology, a facebook page where photos of great cars are shared for everyone to admire!


Wayne Yap
Currently pursuing his BSc in Economics and Management, Wayne started out as a street hunter, hunting for gorgeous car on the roads of Malaysia with his old Sony Ericsson W810i many years ago; today, he shoots with his trusty Canon 50D in private automotive photoshoots and events.
While earlier he always doubted himself whether he was a true petrolhead (since he always says he can’t drive manual perfectly nor he owns an Alfa Romeo), he could not recall when or how exactly he got his passion for cars because all his baby and childhood photos are mostly him surrounded with BBurago’s Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F40 car models etc. “Perhaps it’s in my gene” he always says. Fortunately growing up didn’t took his passion away, on the contrary, he appreciates these sculptures-on-wheel even more and in many different ways as life goes on.
So let Wayne bring you on a journey of admiring cars through his photographs and write ups, and of course, you are very welcome to drop us an email or comment in our Contact Us page on what would you like to read and or improve upon.
Wayne is also a founder of his personal photography page Wayne_Exotique, where gorgeous cars are presented through pictures for everyone to admire. Like they always say, a picture speaks a thousand words.
Kapil Haresh
Kapil has been a fan of cars since he was a kid, his earliest memories of cars included religiously reading the New Straits Times’ Cars, Bikes and Trucks pullout every weekend ever since he was 6. Being a software engineer by trade, photographer by passion (check out his Instagram, http://instagram.com/kapilharesh/) , he got into more car photography, which allowed him to enjoy his time with two of his biggest passions, aside from coding.
Nothing wakes him up quicker than the sound of a Porsche flat 6 engine pulling away (which is probably why he has a playlist of Porsche 911 and Cayman track videos and ads on YouTube…). He currently resides in Toronto, Canada, and contributes in cool pictures and coverage from the other side of the world.

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