MFRC x RFC 2.0 : Largest 2014 4X4 Gathering in Malaysia!

The Malaysia Ford Ranger Club (MFRC) is definitely ending the year with a bang!

Over a hundred 4X4s gathered at Paroi


It was a last-minute decision for me to join over 50 other Ford Rangers at the Seremban RnR as early as 8am with my own Ford Ranger to be part of the largest 4×4 gathering in 2014 which was jointly organized by the Malaysia Ford Ranger Club and Rainforest Challenge (RFC). The turnout was incredible as we were joined by many new members such as myself as well as other veteran members. While the organizer attempts to break the Malaysia Book of Records for the largest 4×4 gathering, we managed to break our own record as the largest ever Ford Ranger gathering with more than 50 Rangers!

My favourite Ranger of the day is this 3.2 liter Wildtrak version. The local demand for one is so high the waiting list can be up to 9 months!

Since the Ranger T6 have some cues from the Raptor, some decided to change to a more Raptor-like front grille.

Rangers. Rangers everywhere.

Briefing session! Listen Up Rangers!

Listen up Rangers!

We left the RnR at 10am and head towards the Paroi Stadium to be flagged off by the Ministry of Tourism. Along the way, we were joined by other 4x4s convoy such as the boys from the Land Rover, Truckers Brotherhood etc. It was a magnificent view of seeing the kilometer long convoy of 4x4s of various makes powering down to Paroi but unfortunately the line was split as there is too much traffic. The scene became more dramatic when a police helicopter hover above us, right above us but so low that its barely higher than the lamp post! It felt like a scene from a hollywood movie. The number of 4x4s was too much that all of us couldn’t fit into the stadium and waited outside while the flagging off begins.

Badass mods make my stock Ranger looks like a kitten.

Bad-ass mod like this made my stock Ranger look tame in comparison.

Badass mods made my stock Ranger looks like a kitten.
A Panzgauer 6x6 joined us in the convoy too. It's a decommissioned military truck now converted for civilian use.

A Panzgauer 6×6 joined us in the convoy too. It’s a decommissioned military truck converted to civilian use. The Rangers dwarfed by the huge badass truck!

When I say the chopper is flying low, I mean LOW

It's not everyday you see a scene like this.

It’s not everyday you get see a scene like this.

We then continued our journey heading south to Pasir Panjang at Port Dickson, which unlike Seremban Highway, there wasn’t much traffic along the way so it was a wonderful drive. We reached Pasir Panjang at 2pm which also marks the end of our short but fun convoy. Lunch was prepared by some of the members of the MFRC which taste incredible even though it’s a simple lunch consists of santan rice, fried chicken, sambal sotong etc. The day ends with a lucky draw session which everyone got something to take home!


Mod or no mod.

Mod or no mod.


Food food!!

Food food!

A big thank you and applause to the committee members for all the hard work and making this happen as well as the sponsors (Digi, Monster Energy, Osram, Garmin, Liqui Moli, NanoEnergizer, Titan Shocks, Ford, Ironman, UltraRacing, McGard and Orange Electronic).


While this is my first time joining a Ford Ranger gathering, it is also the first time my family owned a pick up truck, upon asking around, I met a quite a number of first time pick up truck owners who trade in their sedans. The Ranger is Ford’s best-selling model and we are seeing more and more pickup trucks roaming the streets. With sedan like features and comfort (for the Ranger at least) creeping its way onto pickup trucks, this bring us to one question, can pickup trucks substitute a sedan?