All new BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible officially revealed!

When the new generation BMW 6-Series was revealed way back in November 2010, many people (including me) were disappointed at its relatively “safe” design with nothing to shout about. It was definitely not as exciting to look at compared to the striking, love-it-or-hate-it design of the previous generation 6-Series designed by the now-retired Chris Bangle. Chris Bangle made BMW what it is today and we will miss his designs dearly.

As least exciting as the latest BMW models are to look at, all are changed when the all-new BMW M6 was revealed just yesterday. This new M6 really looks great which made me wonder whether the designers designed the new BMW models as an M model first before toning it down for the non-M version…

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Great look aside, the new M6 is also very well equipped with power. Using the very same twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine from the equally good looking M5, the M6 produces the same amount of power which is an ample 560hp. The M6 coupe is also slightly faster off the line than the M5 as it is lighter. The M6 coupe weighs in at 1850 kg, M6 convertible weighs 1980kg, and the M5 saloon is 1945kg.

And when I say the M6 coupe is slightly faster off the line than the M5, I am talking the difference of just 0.2 seconds. 0-100km/h takes 4.2 seconds for the M6 coupe, 4.3 for the M6 convertible  and 4.4 seconds for the M5. That makes no difference in real life but a significant 95kg lighter than the M5 should mean that the M6 coupe is a bit more agaile and better handling on the road.

The M6 managed to be so much lighter than the M5 all thanks to its carbon fibre-reinforced plastic roof and using lightweight aluminium for the M6’s doors, bonnet and hood. The front side body panels are also made from thermoplastic. Just like most performance cars, the top speed of the M6 is electronically limited to 155mph (250km/h). Spec the M Driver’s package and BMW will raise the limiter to 189mph (305km/h). That speed is still limited unfortunately. Find a way to remove that annoying limiter and the M6 could easily go way pass 200mph.

There is not much to differentiate between a normal 6-Series and a M6 especially if the 6-Series is fitted with the M-Sport body kit. Besides those huge front air intakes, those prominent quad tailpipes and huge brakes measuring 15.7 inches for the front and 15.6 for the rear with all-round six piston calipers should do the trick in getting the attention of others that your 6-Series is no ordinary 6-Series.

Encased in front of those huge brakes are even larger standard 19-inch M rims covered with 265/40 R19 high performance tires for the front and wider 295/35 R19 for the rears. And for the first time from BMW, you get the option to spec carbon-ceramic brakes which must come with larger 20-inch rims.

For the interior, you get M specific sport seats, gear lever, instrument panel, and a new M steering wheel. No prices have been announced yet but the all new BMW M6 convertible will be available in the US beginning this June and a few months later for the M6 coupe. People will get the chance to see the M6 up close first at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this March!