Joyride in a BMW M3 and my first look of the new M5!

If you are a regular reader of this site (which I really hope you are!), you already knew that I had been to the world’s very first BMW M dedicated showroom the last time I’ve been to Singapore. If you haven’t, you can read it by clicking here. The last time I was there, one kind salesman was even willing to take me for a joyride. However that was not possible that time because there is no available car that day.

Bad luck indeed and I promised to visit the showroom again the next time I go to Singapore. And around a month later, I finally got another chance of going to Singapore and of course the first thing I do was to stop-by the BMW M showroom, cross my fingers, and hope that there would be an available M car that day for my promised joyride…

Please click below to read more and to watch my joyride video!

And guess what? There is a new M3 currently available for the joyride! Of course that should not come as a surprise if you had already read the title of this post. I was extremely excited as this was my first time going for a ride inside a true performance car. Powered by a naturally aspirated 4.0 liter petrol engine producing 414hp, this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Shawn who is familiar with the place drove the M3 to some lengthy stretch of highway where he did some face-ripping acceleration. 0 to 60 mph time of 3.9 seconds is something you can only experience in the real thing, the maximum speed Shawn did was almost 150 kph in partially congested road! And there is nothing more satisfying than overtaking as many vehicles as we please with just the slight touch of the throttle.

Of course being a naturally aspirated engine, the M3 do produce a pretty deep, and aggressive soundtrack which nobody could possible hate. We wind down the window to have a better taste of it’s V8. And with the M button pressed in the car which turns every aspect of the M3 up to 11, the sound of the V8 is ever more profound. To be honest, I am hooked.

I am already a huge fan of BMW M3s way before I had this joyride. But having a ride inside your favorite sports car and able to experience its sheer talent for yourself is a completely different thing altogether. All the praises we read about the M3 on magazines and papers are true of course but only few understands how it all sums up in real life. And I am glad to be one of them.

There is so much more I want to say about my whole joyride experience but I guess it is time for my video to do the talking. Watch the video I recorded whilst I was in the M3 right above!

The all new BMW M5 was also recently launched in Singapore, however there is currently no M5 displayed in the showroom because it was used for many other events. Good news then, when back in their air-conditioned workshop which is connected to the showroom, Singapore very first customer’s M5 is parked in there, ready to be collected by the lucky owner later that day.

Painted in a very cool shade of matte silver, the paint alone had cost the owner around S$11,000. Very pricey indeed but it is all worth it when you see it up close. The owner had also opted to stick with the standard 19 inch rims which properly exposes the huge cross-drilled disc brakes and beautifully painted calipers. Larger 20 inch are available but it’s multi-spoke design meant that the brakes are almost covered from view.

Inside this M5, the interior is generously covered in delicious red leather. Because the M5 is going to be collected by it’s owner soon, I was not allowed to sit inside the car to experience the full leather treatment. But never mind that, I already had a joyride in a M3, what more could i ask? Thankfully I was allowed to take photos and share it with you readers!

So this sums up my memorable trip to Singapore’s BMW M showroom. Hope you enjoy the photos and especially the video I recorded and edited myself. Just remember to crank up the volume to properly experience the awesome soundtrack of the M3. Really hope you readers could experience the sheer force and acceleration from the M3 because no video could do it justice. Anyway, enjoy!