Visit to Asia’s largest Mercedes-Benz Center!

If you notice the lack of updates on my site recently, that is due to the fact I had been to Singapore again. Don’t worry though, as I had come back with my camera filled with photos and videos from the great car places I visited. What better way to start off than this, Asia’s largest Mercedes-Benz Center!

The Mercedes-Benz Center you see here is not your average showroom. Mercedes-Benz showrooms are found everywhere, but a Mercedes-Benz Center is something else. In fact only a few places have them, it is the ultimate way of experiencing everything Mercedes-Benz. The largest MB Center is of course located in Germany, but this one in Singapore is not a small one either. As the very first and largest in Asia is already a pretty big deal.

So what separates the Centers from the showrooms? Well the main difference is obviously the size of the building. MB showrooms can be quite large sometimes but you really have to see a MB Center to take in its sheer scale. It  has three levels which may not sound much but the area for each floor is huge. And if you hate climbing stairs, there are two different lifts here. One for the Center and another to access the parking lot…

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Parking lot? Oh yes, the Center is so huge that it even has its own underground car park which is already few floors high. And prepare to be intimidated if you are not driving a Mercedes, because 99% of the cars inside the parking lot are Mercedes-Benz! This should not come as a surprise as the customers’ Mercedes which are due for service are all parked here as well as the newly ordered Benz.

Let’s begin with the first floor. There is only a few cars displayed here because most of them are on the upper floors. But over here you can find MercedesCafé where you can purchase food and drinks. And MercedesBoutique, where you can find almost all kinds of Mercedes merchandise from model cars, to watches, from handbags, to paddle cars and even soft toys. 

Up to the second floor and you can see at least 20 cars displayed here. You can find S-Classes, R-Class, countless variants of C-Class, and the new SLK and CLS. There is also a dedicated section for the E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet. Besides, there is a small children’s area when young kids can play while you enjoy your coffee.

The third and highest floor is the least visited area. In fact, I was the only one there when I was taking these photos! Most people hang around the first and second floor and there are good reasons for that. The displayed cars at the highest floor is only for the wealthy few. There is a large AMG dedicated area where the new CLS 63 AMG and the E63 AMG are displayed.

Look around and you can see a very prominent sliding black-tinted glass door with a huge Maybach logo at the side. Behind this glass door is supposedly where a Maybach limousine lies, and for potential customers to take their time to choose the options and personalize their very own Maybach while sipping their cocktail from the small bar inside.

However, Maybach had recently ceased production of their cars and when you take a peek inside the dark room, you will find that the Maybach was replaced by the SLS AMG supercar instead. Besides that, you can also find a 110 square meter conference room which can hold around 50 people.

So there you have it. An overall tour of the Mercedes-Benz Center in Singapore. Check out a short video I made below which shows you a summarized tour of the whole building and another video showing all the model cars sold in the MercedesBoutique. I am an avid diecast model car collector myself so don’t blame me for making such video. And to all Chinese out there like myself, I hope you all had a wonderful Chinese New Year!