Nissan GT-R GT3 race car revealed!

Ever watched all those racing cars on television and wished that you could own one yourself? Well, look no further as Nissan is now taking orders of their new GT3-spec Nissan GT-R race car! Nissan’s new GT3-spec race car was first revealed at the Magny-Cours circuit in France last year but only now they are taking orders from private racing teams and even wealthy aspiring racer.

Co-developed with Nismo and JR Motorsports, the race car is powered by the identical 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 petrol engine from the stock 2012 GT-R but de-tuned to produce “only” 523hp. Down from the original 550hp thanks to strict GT3 regulations. But don’t fret, as power is nothing without control and Nissan, Nismo and JR Motorsports will give you just that. The GT-R race car features fully adjustable suspension, stripped-out interior, full GT3-spec roll cage, extra cooling ducts and of course, the super aggressive racing body kit we all know and love. I mean, look at that huge front air splitter and oversize rear wing!

All these do not come cheap of course. Is it expensive even for wealthy boy racer standards. 390,000 dollars, and you can’t even use it to go buy the groceries. It’s a track-only racing car after all.