Visit to the World’s First BMW ///M Dedicated Showroom!


Sorry for the huge delay on updates on this website as I was in Singapore for a short break. But don’t fret, besides going to Singapore’s Universal Studios (which was awesome), I had in fact spent most of my time there visiting almost every single car showroom there is in Singapore. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi just to name a few. And what better way to start off than this, my visit to the very first BMW M Showroom in the world!


From today onward, I would create a brand new category on my site call “Showroom” where I post my experience on all the showrooms I had been and the photos that I taken over there. Great idea don’t you think? Anyway, back to the M showroom.

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First open to the public on the 2nd of August 2010, this BMW showroom is not just any other BMW showroom. You cannot just go in and expect to view a standard sea of BMW models in here. This is a BMW M dedicated showroom and only the very high-end, performance-oriented BMW models are available over here. For example the M1, M3, M5, M6, X5M, and the X6M. Yup, no BMW models here with the name “Series” at the end is sold here at all.

Having such exclusive showroom over here in Singapore and being the very first in the whole world (beating even Germany) to have it simply proved the ever increasing buying power of wealthy Singaporeans. I mean, when I first arrived there, I was greeted by a Ferrari F430 Scuderia as well as a limited production BMW 1M parked right outside the showroom. Later that day, 2 more 1Ms came by the showroom.

When I entered the M showroom, I was welcomed by a X5M, X6M, M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible, M3 saloon painted in matte paint, as well as the rare M3 GTS, but more on that later. Despite being cramped up with cars, the showroom still feels very spacious and airy thanks to the bright white paint of the walls as well as huge glass covering the main gate as well as the service center right behind the showroom. Clever and interesting BMW decor all over helps too.

Right in the middle of the showroom, there is a large lounge area for us guest to sit down, relax, watch some BMW related programs on the huge screen, or read some BMW magazines provided. The unique stripe-inspired light design on the ceiling also gives it a futuristic feel.

There is also a small section of the area where BMW M related products and merchandises are sold here. Model cars, watches, clothes, caps, key chains, belts, and even a paddle car in a shape of a M3 can be found here. Don’t expect these official M branded products to come cheap though.

At another section of the showroom, there is a BMW Individual customization counter where there is samples of every single leather colors, trims, and paints to choose from when purchasing your M car. You can also choose different kinds of rims for your BMW with 9 different choices at the showroom.

There is also the M3’s 4.0 liter V8 engine displayed there in it’s full glory. The huge braking system of the equally humongous X6M was displayed there as well. And for those who could not afford an M car or just could not test drive all M cars in a day, there is an iPad stuck to the wall with earphones for you to listen to the engine sounds of all the M cars.

The service there was great too. One of the salesperson, Angela even gave me a form for me to sign up for updates on the latest BMW M related news sent to my email. Besides the great service from all the salesperson there, I was even offered by Shawn to have a joyride in one of the M cars. It was therefore a real shame as there was no available M cars at the time. A real disappointment indeed but that only makes me want to come back to this showroom again to get that promised ride!


Now to the highlight of this visit. My first time seeing the very rare M3 GTS! The M3 GTS is basically a slightly more powerful, more lighter, and more track-focused M3. Only 250 units were ever made and all comes only in this bright orange paint job. Speaking of paint job, the aforementioned matte painted M3 saloon was also the first time I was able to touch a matte paint job.

It may sound a bit childish but a matte paint surface is actually extremely smooth and slippery to the touch. And because of it’s non reflective properties, the tiniest flaw or scratch can be easily spotted. Therefore applying such paint is not a cheap option and only for the gentle owner who would not harm such delicate paint job. This also explains why most matte paint are only reserved for expensive and premium sports cars.


So this wraps up my whole experience in the world’s first BMW M dedicated showroom. Singapore is a small country and so the address is a short one as well. So stop by at Munich Automobiles located at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent, Singapore 608927. Oh did I mention that this M showroom is also located right next to the Lamborghini showroom, and right beside it is a Lotus showroom and an Alfa Romeo showroom? Ahh…..gotta love Singapore!

In the meantime, enjoy the photos below as well as a short video I made below. This is my first time recording and editing such video so please do not have high expectation about it. Thank you again and have a Happy and very Merry Christmas! Oh and if you are wondering why the M on this title was typed as ///M, that’s because that is how the logo is supposed to be! (See photo above)