All new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG officially revealed!

What is the main purpose of buying a tall, bulky, oversize, overweight SUV? To drive fast of course! I mean what else is it for? Oh yea I almost forgot, off-roading. But the thing is, 99% of SUV buyers hardly encounter anything more than a grass field in their duration of ownership. People prefer their more commanding driving position, sense of safety, and of course, it’s more intimidating and tough appearance.

Many car manufacturers are clearly aware of that and therefore produced many kinds of overpowered SUVs for those who wants the speed of a sports car but not it’s super low driving position and terrible practicality. BMW done exactly just that with their 555hp X5 M, Jeep with their 465hp Grand Cherokee SRT8, and Audi’s diesel powered Q7 V12 with over 500hp. Yes you read that right, a V12 diesel.

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So what has Mercedes-Benz done to interfere with the sales of those super-SUVs? With this, the all new ML 63 AMG based on their new generation M-Class! Powered by AMG’s latest 5.5-liter V8 biturbo petrol engine which produces 518hp which is a bit short of the X5 M’s 555hp. But equip the ML 63 AMG  with the optional AMG Performance Package, and you will get a 32hp increase to a much more BMW-worrying 550hp.

0-60mph time is 4.7 and 4.6 seconds respectively for both variants. Unsurprisingly, the top speed is electronically limited to 155mph and 174mph respectively when you have the optional AMG Performance Package. Without a speed limiter, this car could easily accelerate way above that and may even capable of over 200mph. I still can’t see the point of speed limiters, car manufacturers all say is for our safety but I highly doubt we can still survive a 155mph crash. Most people hardly achieve such speed so why not let us feel good knowing we could reach over 200mph?

On the outside, you get all the usual bodykits, lowered ride height, wider body, more aggressive bumpers, LED laden front headlights, new 20-inch rims (21’s are optional) and quad trapezoidal exhaust pipes.  And how can you call a vehicle sporty without red brake calipers? On the inside, you get special full leather sport seats, AMG trims everywhere, as well as loads of aluminium around the cabin.

Spreading all 518hp/550hp on the tarmac is a permanent all-wheel drive system which transfers them 40:60 between the front and the rear. If you think that the ML 63 AMG will ride uncomfortably on it’s more stiffer handling-biased suspension, no worries as it will also come with  AIRMATIC Air Suspension which should give it a much more supple ride on uneven surfaces. Expect the new ML 63 AMG to go on sale early next year with a massive price tag. In the meantime, enjoy the video and the hi-res photos below of the new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG!