Next generation Bentley Continental GTC officially revealed!


Is the Ferrari 458 Spider a bit too showy and aggressive to your taste? Well, if your answer is yes then you must be on the older side of adulthood and prefers more subtle things in life. Planning on buying an ultra-luxury, super-fast, and yet less striking-looking convertible? Look no further but this new Bentley Continental GTC!


Now in it’s second generation, and first launched as a coupe called the Continental GT almost a year ago, Bentley had finally replaced the old GTC with this new one based on the new coupe. Powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0 liter W12 petrol engine with all-wheel drive and FlexFuel capabilities, this powerful engine can also be fueled by E85 biofuel, petrol, or a combination of both.

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Using the biofuel reduces Co2 emissions and yet the horsepower will still remain the same at 567hp. 0-60 mph time can be achieved in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 195mph. Very impressive for a convertible weighing 2495kg.


On the outside, the design remains closely with the coupe which was inspired by the flagship Mulsanne model. With new headlights filled with LEDs, a more upright facing front grille, as well as standard 20 inch rims (21 inch optional). As for the interior, you can expect the highest quality of leather, genuine metal, and wood trims everywhere in the car. Sound insulation has also been improved to minimize wind noise when the roof is up.


Orders can be placed now for the new Continental GTC but deliveries will only begin by the end of this year. Prices starts from £149,350 ($212,800) but you can easily double that price tag if you decide to tick all the countless options and customization Bentley provides.