Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept revealed!

The most expensive and most powerful Lotus Evora you can buy today is the supercharged Evora S. That fact may soon change as Lotus had recently unveiled their most potent Evora yet. Behold the Evora GTE Road Car Concept!



First thing you will notice about this car is the heavily modified exterior. With a more aggressive bumper design, front air splitter, redesigned forged alloy rims wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Corsa , and a huge rear spoiler, the GTE looked no less track-ready. 



There is obviously more grunt under the hood as well. The GTE now produces 420hp compared to the Evora S’ 350hp from it’s very same Toyota V6 engine thanks to several heavy modifications. The interior will also get some racing goodness as well. Expect less leather and more carbon fiber everywhere surrounding the cockpit.

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As the car’s name suggest, the Evora GTE is unfortunately still a concept car. However, Lotus is seriously considering to produce this road-going race car perhaps in a very limited number and of course, at a very high price.



While we certainly hope that the GTE Road Car Concept will be made into production, we will at least be able to view the concept car in person when it is publicly revealed at the  McCall’s Motorworks Revival event this Wednesday night and also at the Pebble Beach event in California this weekend. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE!: The McCall’s Motorworks Revival event was just over later today by the time I am typing this and live photos had been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!