New Suzuki Swift Sport first look!

Suzuki is just one of those car manufacturers which produces great small cars. They never even attempt to make a large car and just stick with what they do best, compact cars. Suzuki is very well-known for it’s compact Swift. It is good-looking, compact, practical, cheap to run and also cheap to buy.

Well, the third generation Swift went on sale just recently and not surprisingly, it met everyone’s expectations. It may look similar to the previous model but the whole car is totally new. Now it is just missing a slightly more warmer version, slightly more sporty, the Swift Sport.

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The previous generation Swift Sport was well received for it’s slightly more powerful engine and sharp handling. With the new Swift Sport which you can see above, expect it to be what you expect it to be, a warm hatch. The new Swift Sport will still use a 1.6 liter petrol engine but with 136hp. I call it a warm and not a hot hatch is obviously because of it’s power. 136hp is not exactly fast, but it’s expected razor sharp handling would make it up for it.

Besides the new rims and body kit, not much details had been given yet, but expect more details to be revealed when the car is shown at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. I really hope Suzuki will decide put in a turbocharger at the very last minute. Great handling should have the power to match too!