Next generation Toyota Yaris for Europe official photos!


The orange car you see here is the all new Toyota Yaris for the European market. Based on these newly released official photos, the new Yaris features a more angular and aggressive design for the front but a totally different story for the rear end.


The slightly awkward looking rear lights seems like a mix between a Suzuki Swift‘s and a Peugeot 207s. The unattractive rear end is not a big issue because as a driver, you would spent most of your time inside the car and there is another good news for that.

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The interior is completely redesign with a much more simple yet stylish design. There are less buttons this time and the center screen shall control most of the car’s entertainment including radio and possibly an optional Navigational system. However once again, this good looking interior looks identical to the one from the all new Kia Picanto. No kidding, they both are almost identical.


Only official photos are released so no information on the engine lineup yet. Expect the Yaris to be powered by a 1.0, or 1.3 liter engine and even a hybrid version in the future. We can also safely assume that the orange car shown here is a high spec model with nicer and bigger rims. The interior also has contrasting red stitching on the seats and the steering wheel as well, the interior photo shown above is just plain black fabric. Check out the gallery below to see more!