Next generation A-Class patent images leaked!

You most likely had heard of this news some time ago already but I am a bit busy with my upcoming exams and therefore have no time to update the site. But hey, better late than never! So here it is, the genuine leaked patent images of the next generation Mercedes A-Class!

When we here the word A-Class, first thing that comes to mind is the word Mercedes, followed by a picture of an egg. Why? The first generation A-Class looks just like one, especially in 2-door form. Even the current model still looks like a stretched bubble. So it was great news when Mercedes recently showed the world the A-Class concept car which previews the next generation model.

The concept car may have shown us how the new A-Class may look like, and it looks good. But we won’t know how much would be changed when it goes on sale in 2012. However, thanks to the European Patent Office as well as the power of the internet, we finally get to see how the production car will look like through these leaked images.

Leaked by the European Patent Office, they managed to get hold of these images when Mercedes-Benz registered the final production A-Class design so that it would not be copied by other car manufacturers. I believe the European Patent Office is supposed to keep these confidential things strongly guarded, but apparently they failed this time.

The person responsible would be in huge trouble but this is a great news for us! Based on the images, we clearly see that the overall design was kept very true to the stunning looking concept, especially those complex front head lights. I’m just a bit disappointed at the rear lights and Mercedes should had followed the concept’s. Now it just looks like the new Subaru Impreza.

Clearly the car has grown for more passenger room. That’s good but will trouble their very own B-Class. The next B-Class replacement would have to really distinguish itself to justify it’s higher price when it get’s revealed in many years time. No official details have been released yet but rumor has it that the top-of-the-line A25 AMG version would be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol with over 300hp. Despite not liking the older models, I really can’t wait for this one! In the meantime, enjoy a short video where the handsome designer explains about the handsome design of the A-Class concept.