BMW M3 Pickup officially revealed!

A few weeks ago, BMW was spotted testing a M3 with a pickup/ute body. The whole automotive world went crazy after that and wonder whether BMW would build it. BMW later announced that the pickup was actually an April fool joke to the automotive world. Very funny BMW, don’t tease us like that! Anyway, BMW has recently released these official photos of the M3 pickup to give us a better look at this unique pickup.

BMW did not just chopped off the rear to create a pickup. BMW actually did some extensive modification to get this result. The load bay is lined with metal plating to protect it instead of standard black plastic which is common among most pickups. The load bay can also be covered with a canvas cover to protect items from rain and theft. The trunk cover is now replace by a tailgate and opens just like any other pickups. The load bay also features an under-floor storage.

We can’t really categorize this car as a pickup as it is a convertible as well! The M3 pickup have a removable roof with the B-pillars acting as roll-over bars. Seeing that this car have a removable top, I assume that this pickup was based on the M3 convertible. The engine remains the same as the standard M3 which is a 4.0 litre V8 with a meaty 414bhp, as if you didn’t knew this already.

Now the million dollar question, will BMW put this into production? Well, BMW said no but don’t get your hopes down. The 1999 BMW Z3 M Coupe was originally not planned for production as well but then it did in the end. As you can see from the interior photos, the dashboard has the word “PICK-UP powered by M 001” The 001 refers to the model number which in this case, is the first car. This could be an indication that BMW might build this in limited numbers. Maybe not.