Aston Martin Virage officially revealed!

Aston Martin had recently revealed their latest model, the Virage. If you are confused as the Virage just seemed like a redesigned DB9 or a two-door Rapide, well the Virage actually sits between the DB9 and the DBS which actually make it more confusing. Shouldn’t it be between the DB9 and the Rapide? Oh well…

The Aston Martin Virage is actually a 2+2 GT coupe and a Volante version (convertible) will be available as well. Basically a car for people who loves the front aggressive looks of the Rapide but only wants two doors, the Virage will be made out of lightweight alluminium and will be powered by a hand-built 6.0 liter V12 with 490hp.

With that engine, the Virage can reach to a 100km/h under 4.6 seconds and can reach 299kmh or 186 mph. with technologies like the Adaptive Damping System (ADS), Aston martin said that it can “intelligently read the road” for better handling. Aston also told us that the Virage will have Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes as standard, a fancy name or is it really something special? No pricing have been released yet but more info will be given when the Virage appears at the Geneva Motor Show next week!