Audi A3 Concept sketches revealed!

These pictures you see here are the official sketches of Audi’s A3 Concept. After almost all of its Audi siblings are now replaced with a new model, is about time for the aging A3 to have a successor. As you can see from the sketches, Audi is trying to expand the next generation A3 lineup with a sedan body.

Not that we are complaining, as the sketches looked so damn sexy! Of course is sexy as this is a concept car, hopefully the production version will stay as close to these drawings. There is still no denying that Audi will still make every of it’s model look identical to each other. The front lights for example, are exact clones from the ones from the new A6 and the A7 Sportback. Hold on, it also looks bit familiar to the A1, and the A4, and the A8 and…..

Besides the sedan, Audi will still include the hatchback version of the next generation A3, convertibles will be available as well. Still too early to mention about the RS version though as the current RS3 was just recently on sale. Anyway, the A3 Concept sedan you see here will be slightly smaller that the Volkswagen Jetta and get ready to see it in the metal at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Oh, did I mention that the concept will have an improved 408hp 2.5 liter turbocharged engine from the RS3 and the TT RS?