New Fiat Freemont is rebadged Dodge Journey!

This is the new Dodge….sorry Fiat Freemont! (They both look exactly similar!). Anyway, this brand new Fiat is actually just a rebadged Dodge Journey with a few minor exterior changes, this includes new bumpers, new 17 inch rims, and LED rear lights. Thats all. The Dodge Journey its based on was not really a good car. So In order for Fiat to regain their customer’s confidence and sales, Fiat said that they had tuned the Freemont’s handling  for “greater accuracy and directness” to suit European’s tastes.

Still not convinced? Well, Fiat also said that the interior of the Freemont will include more soft-touch materials, new instruments panel, and redesigned dashboard. I’m still not tempted. Engine choices for the Freemont will be the best point of the car, as Fiat do produce some of the best fuel-efficient engines out there.

The lineup includes two versions of Fiat’s very own 2.0-litre Multijet turbodiesel with a choice of a 138bhp or 168bhp versions respectively. Dodge did not just let Fiat borrow their Journey and did nothing though, Chrysler (who owns Dodge), will offer their 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 with 272bhp for the Freemont as well. Ironicly, that thirsty petrol engine will only appeal to the Americans, not the Europeans which Fiat is trying to target. European sales will start at June and we will be able to view the car at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show!