BMW X1 with M Sport Kit Photos leaked!

There will be almost zero chance for BMW to produce the X1 M even there is the X5 M and the X6 M. So for people who wants to spice up their X1 and to make it look more ‘M’, BMW will offer a cosmetic upgrade for the X1.

Not officially announced yet, but leaked photos are already floating around the web. As you can see from these few photos, the X1 M-Sport will have aggressive looking bumper taken from the X5 M and X6 M, new rear bumper, side skirts, wheel arches, new rim design choices, aerodynamically designed roof rails, and the ‘M‘ logo located at many places including the side steps.

Interior was not left out as well, with leather wrapped ‘M‘ steering wheel and ‘M‘ gear-knob shifter. Based on the only interior shot here, the seats are seemed to be not wrapped by leather at all. Instead (if my eyes are not deceiving me) wrapped with part fabric for the center and part Alcantara for the outer parts of the seats including the headrest. Hopefully I’m right. Go check out the hi-res photos below and say your thoughts!