Ten Most Best-Selling cars in the UK!

The year 2010 had come to an end, and car companies around the world have been adding up all their sales for the whole year. The list below are the most best-selling cars of the year 2010 in the UK. As you’d expect, the list consist of very fuel efficient, cheap to run, and small-sized cars, as UK has very strict emmision rules and the people must pay tax based on their car’s CO2 emmisions. I’m a little surprise that both Toyota and Honda and even the Koreans did not make it to the list. Well, this proves that people are getting bored of them and are going continental. Good for them! First up, number ten…….

10. Nissan Qashqai (39,048 sold)

Reasons: The Qashqai is cheap, practical, has a third-row option, looks like a SUV (is a hatchback crossover), fuel efficient, and the car’s recent facelift just makes it much more appealing.

9. MINI (41,883 sold)

Reasons: Who doesn’t like the MINI? It has appealing looks, handles well, but it is not the most practical nor the cheapest here, if not it would have sold even more.

8. BMW 3 Series (42,020 sold)

Reasons: It is a BMW, poverty-spec cars is cheap, handles great, more practical than a 1 Series, still looks good, and is a BMW.

7. Peugeot 207 (42,185 sold)

Reasons: Not the best looking, handling, practical or the has best badge, but the cheap price make it up for it. And tasteless pensioners loves it.

6. Volkswagen Polo (45,517)

Reasons: It looks handsome, great build quality, frugal, practical, German, and has a hottter version of it (the GTi).

5. Volkswagen Golf (58,116)

Reasons: It looks handsome, great build quality, frugal, (more)practical, German, and has a hottter version of it (the GTi).

4. Vauxhall Corsa (77,398)

Reasons: Vauxhall is UK’s local car manufacturer, is cheap, great looking, recently facelifted, fuel efficient, popular first car in the UK.

3. Ford Focus (77,804)

Reasons: Value for money, handles good, spacious, comes in hatchback or sedan form. Oh did I mention that it is cheap as well?

2. Vauxhall Astra (80,646)

Reasons: Vauxhall is UK’s local car manufacturer, more handsome than Golf, similarly priced as well. British people are patriotic.

1. Ford Fiesta (103,013)

Reasons: Looks sharp, cheap to buy, cheap to run, practical, handles great, and thanks to Top Gear, good for military as well!

So there you have it, the ten most best-selling cars in the UK! I’m not surprised that hardly any sedans and SUVs appeared in the list as they are not as clean or as cheap. If the list was named the “Ten Most Fuel Efficient Cars in the UK’ I believe the list will still be pretty much the same as the one here. Not very interesting I know, but it shows that people are now getting more environmentally-friendly (in the UK at least). Now bring on the best selling cars’ list from the Midddle East!