Armored Land Rover Discovery 4 revealed!

Are you someone important? Are you planning a trip to Somalia or Iraq but a tank is just a little too uncomfortable for you? Well this just might be the perfect car for you! Yes, it does look like any other Land Rover Discovery but this one is heavily armored.

Developed in conjunction with big time security specialist, Centigon. The armored Discovery is fitted with enough ballistic steel plates to protect you from 15 kg of TNT! And just in case the enemies/protesters/militias are clever enough to throw a grenade under the car to immobilize it, the Discovery has under floor protection against two DM51 hand grenades. Sweet!

Accidentally drove over secretly placed spiked strips? The Discovery is equipped with heavy wheels and run-flat tires. All these protection added to an already heavy car makes it weigh a bulky 3550 kg! (excluding options like a mini-gun turret) At this weight, the Discovery 4’s standard 2.7 liter diesel just can’t cut it, so it is replaced by Range Rover’s 5.0 liter V8.

Even with so much power, the armored Discovery 4 still needs 10.6 seconds to reach 100km/h. And to cope with so much weight, the car will have air suspension, new air springs, revised damper settings, and Alcon heavy-duty brakes to bring this much mass to a halt.

The armored Discovery 4 will still have Land Rover’s awesome Terrain Response system which allows you to conquer all types of road surfaces. This means that you can take the mountain shortcut while dodging bullets. Oh, and to all potential buyers, the armored Discovery 4 will have a 3-year, 80,000 km factory warranty on both the vehicle and the armor.