New MG3 revealed in China!

So you’ve seen the MG6 and wonder how a smaller version would look like. Well here it is, the MG3! The MG3 was revealed at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China but hardly anyone took notice of it, what a shame!

The good looking MG3 hatch was designed in the UK and is aimed at buyers aged between 18 and 28 but I still won’t blame MG if they say between 18 and 80 instead. Thats because it is an unfortunate true fact that elderly women loves small cars which are easy to park just like the MG3.

The car will be powered by only one engine choice, a 1.5 liter petrol that has 109 hp and a 113 top speed. Even though a cheaper and slower 1.3 liter petrol and a more pricey and powerful turbocharged 1.5 with 67hp and 156hp respectively could be available in the future. What about more fuel efficient and punchy diesels? Well, MG is still searching for a suitable supplier for those.

China’s launch date for the MG3 will be during March next year but will only be on sale in the UK during 2012. Since the UK’s launch date is still far away, no pricing or specs have been announced yet for European MG3s. All we know is that the MG3, being aimed at youth, will have many exterior customization, for example contrasting roof color and body vinyls and stickers.

But what do you think? Will the MG3 do well in such competitive market which includes the fun Ford Fiesta and the more refined Volkswagen Polo? Only time will tell. But I doubt it.