Chevrolet UK gives you a chance to waste tons of paper!

Are you living in the UK? Are you planning on getting a new small hatchback for yourself or your loved ones? Do you want to not save the environment? Well congratulations! because Chevrolet UK is offering a free gift wrapping service on all Chevrolet Spark orders received by December 21.

If you are an environmentalist, I suggest you not to read on. The Chevrolet Spark will be wrapped carefully by a team of experts and will use up 99 (yes you read it right) rolls of adhesive tape and forty six square meters of limited edition festive Chevrolet wrapping paper ready to be teared off soon after. Many many hours of hard work gone with just a rip of your hand.

Yes we all think that this is a terribly wasteful service but Chevrolet thought otherwise: “Everyone loves unwrapping presents,” says Les Turton of Chevrolet UK. “It’s one of the highlights that all of the family can enjoy on Christmas Day. For those lucky people who will receive a Chevrolet Spark for Christmas we wanted to do something a bit special this year to make the present opening ritual a bit more fun. With so much time being spent wrapping and hiding gifts under the tree, we wanted to take the hard work away and provide a bespoke service that would make our customers smile.

I don’t consider someone who gets a Spark lucky unless you are getting a Camaro. Well Chevrolet is the only car company to do such service at the moment, so nobody would really be excited when they see their new car wrapped with paper.

If you really want to surprise someone, there is a much more effective and greener way I can’t believe Chevy has not figure it out yet. Ever heard of a car cover?