World’s ugliest Porsche Cayenne!

If you are prone to eye sore please look away right now because looking at these photo just might give you that. Still reading? Fine, this is tuning company,Gemballa’s answer to modified Cayenne. Called the Tornado, that is really what goes through your mind when you see one on the road.

The Gemballa Tornado is based on the second generation Porsche Cayenne and will have a full hideous looking body kit and carbon fiber parts. And if you want more power, Gemballa is working on a Stage Two performance package that will increase the output of the standard twin-turbo V8 to almost 675 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque. This huge amount of power is really handy when trying to overtake people and to prevent them from looking at the person foolish enough to buy this car.

No pricing have been announced yet but the Tornado is only limited to 30 units to celebrate Gemballa Automobiletechnik’s 30th anniversary. Not really the best way to celebrate such a meaningful day. Well at least is only 30 units so zero chance for us to actually see one on the road, considered our eyes saved.

UPDATE! : Production version of the car had been shown at the Top Marques show in Monaco and live photos can be viewed in the gallery. The rear shot below is actually a Gemballa tuned Panamera, called the Mistrale.