Bugatti Veyron car configurator is awesome!

You choose the car model you want, you choose the specs, the color, the engine,the wheels and everything you want until you are happy. You then check the final price and find the nearest dealer to have a test drive. These are what car configurators are for. But to most people, it is a form of entertainment, especially for the cars you usually could not afford and will never own and the Bugatti car configurator is one of them.

Bugatti’s car configurator is a fun one to start with. Because of the Veyron’s unfordable price tag, almost everything can be configured to your own taste. The rim design, the fuel cap’s color, the engine cover’s color, air intakes’ color, interior stitching color, seatbelt’s color, and even the rear view mirror’s exterior color! And those are just some of them.

I had a go on the configurator myself and the Veyron you see here are the result of my creation! It has a two-toned color scheme, exposed carbon fiber and polished aluminium for the doors, side bumpers, wing mirrors, and air intakes. For the roof rails and engine cover I choose a contrasting Ruby Red to spice up the looks. The same applies for the full leather interior.

The rims I choose are called ‘Nocturne’ which are painted in black and I like it because it looks different from the other rims we usually see from the internet. The front grilles are also black and I included Bugatti’s signature on the sides. Great looking isn’t it? Or is it a mess? Please do tell me in the comments and give the configurator a try and don’t forget to post some pictures of your very own dream Veyron for me to have a look!