Beyoncé buys her husband a Buggati Veyron Super Sport!!!

If you want to sleep well tonight I recommend you to stop reading immediately. Okay, I just assume you already have many cups of coffee today so it doesn’t matter anyway. Here it goes, pop singer Beyoncé had recently bought her husband Jay-Z the fastest production car in the world! A $2 million Buggati Veyron Super Sport!

I can’t see the point buying this hypercar for Jay-Z as 100 percent of the time he will be driving at parking speeds and trading paints with other cars in LA. Well, we can’t really blame Beyoncé as she most likely just searched for the most expensive car in the world and the name of this car appears, so she just bought it.

Well now we all know that it is a waste of outstanding German engineering as Jay-Z will only drive at speeds a ten year old car can achieve or worst, not being driven at all and instead kept in his garage and left there to rust or stolen. So please do us all a small favour Jay-Z and Beyoncé, let the car appear in all of your music video pleeease?