Faster and lighter Porsche Cayman R!

Called the Cayman R, this lighter and more powerful version of the Cayman is 55 kg lighter and 10 horsepower more than the Cayman S. Weighing just 1,295 kg, Porsche managed to shave off extra mass by using lightweight components and removing the air-con and stereo. The Cayman R also have 19 inch rims that are Porsche’s lightest, which weigh only 40kg per set.

The Cayman R is lower than the Cayman S by 20mm and comes with a limited slip diff as standard. It also have a fixed rear wing, headlights with black surrounds, and ‘Porsche’ decals on both sides.

The colour of the Cayman R you see here is called ‘Peridot’ and is exclusive to this car. the Cayman R will go on sale in February next year. View more pictures of the Cayman R in the gallery below.