Bentley Bentayga

Frankfurt 2015: Bentley Bentayga first impressions!

The Frankfurt Motor Show, or IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) in German is not only the world’s largest motor show, but also one of the most important ones. This year was no exception, with many car manufacturers choosing this year’s Frankfurt show to debut their latest model in a whole new segment they have not yet explored before. The SUV segment. Join me as I take you through a quick tour around Bentley’s very first SUV!

Afzal Kahn. The person behind Kahn Design.

Interview with Afzal Kahn. The Man behind Kahn Design.

Thankfully unlike a couple of other tuning companies I’ve visited, I managed to avoid speaking with some marketing guy who would just repeat to me the perfectly constructed lines, with sugar-coated and vague adjectives such as “precision” and “passion” which you can find in every car brochure. No, I went straight to the founder himself. A British born chap named Afzal Kahn where I got to talk to him about his company bearing his name…