With Edward Welburn, GM vice president of global design.

Interview with GM Vice-President of global design Edward Welburn. The face of General Motors.

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, I had the great opportunity to have an interview with the man himself. I asked him questions like how big a responsibility it was to design the latest Corvette, the decision to bring back the iconic Stingray name, and of course, how he ended up in the new Transformers movie!

Afzal Kahn. The person behind Kahn Design.

Interview with Afzal Kahn. The Man behind Kahn Design.

Thankfully unlike a couple of other tuning companies I’ve visited, I managed to avoid speaking with some marketing guy who would just repeat to me the perfectly constructed lines, with sugar-coated and vague adjectives such as “precision” and “passion” which you can find in every car brochure. No, I went straight to the founder himself. A British born chap named Afzal Kahn where I got to talk to him about his company bearing his name…

BMW M6 Gran Coupé with louder Akrapovič exhaust system. The name 'Safety Car' sounds boring but the cars they use are far from it

Behind the Scenes of MotoGP Part 3: How MotoGP Deals with Accidents.

During my time at the 2013 Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix for my media coverage, I was unfortunate or fortunate enough to witness a minor accident during the Moto2 race. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, and I got the rare chance to witness how MotoGP emergency staffs responds to an accident. So let me take you through the whole safety procedure like how I see it…